Joining the Boston Club

A Massachusetts resident, Mary-Laura Greely is a partner in the corporate and capital markets group at Brown Rudnick. She is involved with several of the firm’s committees, including the Hiring Committee, the Women’s Initiative and Diversity Committee. She is dedicated to promoting innovation through the successful launching of new businesses within the Boston community and to supporting their legal opportunities through the consummation of various investment and commercialization projects. To this end, Mary-Laura Greely belongs to several professional organizations, such as the Boston Club.

Committed to helping women advance into leadership roles, the Boston Club was established in 1976. Since its founding, the organization has grown into one of northeast America’s largest communities for women executives and professionals. Every quarter, the Boston Club accepts new members from any sector or industry. New applicants are sponsored by current club members, who serve as their professional reference. Applications ask for information about professional background and community involvement, and most candidates have either been recognized for or have demonstrated strong leadership skills. The Boston Club also looks at how involved candidates are within their community and how committed they are to advancing women leaders.

If selected to join the Boston Club, new members pay a onetime initiation fee, followed by annual dues that vary depending on membership type. They have access to the organization’s many programs and events, along with various board opportunities for nonprofit and corporate companies. Additionally, members are given numerous networking opportunities and have the chance to make a difference for women leaders in the area and elsewhere.