Supporting 2020 Women on Boards

Partner and member of the corporate and capital markets group at Brown Rudnick, LLP, Mary-Laura Greely is an experienced business lawyer specializing in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and general corporate representation. Outside of the office, Mary-Laura Greely sits on the board of leaders of 2020 Women on Boards.

Launched in 2010 in Boston, 2020 Women on Boards raises awareness of the relatively low number of women who serve on corporate boards of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. The national grassroots campaign hopes to increase the number of women on boards to at least 20 percent by the year 2020. 2020 Women on Boards encourages public involvement and maintains several ways for interested individuals to show their support.

Registering your support or making a corporate or individual donation shows the campaign and corporate board nominating committees that the public cares about board diversity. Meanwhile, publicizing the issue through social media spreads awareness and helps draw attention from more corporations. Interested individuals can also become recruiters and enlist others to support 2020 Women on Boards. Individuals who recruit 20 people to register their support are eligible to win prizes. Likewise, individuals can vote for board diversity with their wallets- by using their purchasing power to buy goods and services from companies that have 2 or more women on their corporate boards.

Researching the board composition of your own employer is another great way of supporting the campaign. If the board does not have 20 percent or more women on the board, asking the CEO to consider appointing more directly addresses the issue. Further, when looking for future employment, focusing on companies that have reasonable gender balance within the board and senior management positions is a good indication that the corporation supports general workplace advancement for women.